SAVETOOL — Powder-actuated tactical and rescue tools


Revolutionary pyrotechnic cutter for totally autonomous cutting of metal structures in extreme conditions


Always set to work

The tool standby mode everytime. No jokes.


Reliable operations in all conditions

1. wide range of temperatures (-60F to 130F)
2. near open fire
3. heavy smoke contamination
4. hard-to-reach areas


Simplicity and reliability

No expensive and qualified service. Easy to maintenance


High autonomy

No liquids, No lines, No electricity, No pump station, No gasoline. Ready to go as it is!


Increased durability of blades

Blades don't require replacement. Battle tested.


Cost effective

Affordable product, cheaper minimum two times typical electrical and hydraulic cutters


Savetool cutter is a unique tool, capable of cutting through all types of metal, rubber, and other types of rugged materials in all weather conditions with a wide range of applications.

SAVETOOL pyrotechnic cutter

Technical specifications

Feature Details
Operation mode Totally autonomous
Cutting force 20 ton-force
Energy source Pyrotechnic cartridge
Steel rod diameter cut over at a single shot 20 mm
Number of operators needed 1 person
Maximal jaw of the cutting head Length-140 mm / Height-90 mm
Cutter size 870х170х130 mm
Weight 15,5 kg
Time for cartridge change 5 sec
Actuation frequency Unlimited

Frequently asked questions

The Pyrotechnic cutter can cut all types of metal, rubber, and other types of rugged material in all conditions.

No problem, go ahead!

7,62x54R blank cartridge is applicable with the tool. We can consider other types on your request.

As opposed to cutters built on principles of hydraulic pressure and electric supply, our cutter uses individual cartridges making it completely autonomous and in a permanent stand-by mode.

The Integrated silencer ensures cutter’s noise-free operation.

Blades don’t require replacement.

Yes we do, but check before internal regulations of your country.

Yes we do. Our specialist provides on-site training with delivery of the first batch and online training is available 24/7 on your request.

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